How to talk dirty to your husband

Learning how to send dirty text messages to your husband and how to talk dirty to him either in person or in a text message can be an amazing adventure that you can both share, but only if you learn how to talk dirty the right way, and with a solid foundation to start from.  Most women that learn how to talk dirty without any sort of structure feel pressured to turn into a dirty talking porn star overnight, which fortunately is not necessary when you learn how to talk dirty with dirty dialogue.

Here are 3 easy steps to learn how to talk dirty with confidence, and in a way that your man will not only recognized instantly, but force him to appreciate you more and more.

1) Dirty Detective:

The first thing you must do when learning how to talk dirty is your research.  Being a Dirty Detective means sleuthing around the internet looking for dirty talk examples and dirty talk phrases that you can relate to.  Not every dirty talk example and dirty talk phrase will appeal to you, so feel free to judge them and either keep them or move on.

But your investigation does not stop online.  Learning how to talk dirty to your man means uncovering his likes, his dislikes, and using your Dirty Detective skills to record information about your man’s personal and unique sex drive.

Start a Dirty Diary to take notes on things you find online as well as dirty talk secrets you reveal about your man.  While being a dirty detective, you don’t have to talk dirty at all.  Your main objective is to learn how to talk dirty in a way your man will respond positively, which means there is no rush for you to pull the trigger just yet.

2) Dirty Disciple:

The second thing you need to do is make a commitment to yourself to get good at talking dirty to your man.  Make it a spiritual practice to take time out, once a day, and focus on this area of your life.  Learning how to talk dirty to your man means challenging yourself to grow.  Practicing your dirty talk while masturbating, to yourself in the mirror, or on your own private video camera (or all three at the same time) can really help yourself improve your dirty talk skill set for when its time to shine.

Commit to a 30-day challenge in which you promise yourself to practice once a day for 30 days and write entries in your Dirty Diary once a day.  While this may seem like a grueling process at first, it will pay off big time in the long run.  One day you’ll look back at your Dirty Diary and smile knowing how much you’ve improved your dirty talk and how far you’ve come along.

3) Dirty Diva:

The third step is to cultivate your inner Dirty Diva and bring her out into the open.  Once you’ve spent time working on your internal Dirty Dialogue and feel comfortable with yourself, it will be time to bring your Dirty Diva out to play.

Most women report that this is where talking dirty really gets exciting for both her and her man.  When ready, your Dirty Diva will act as an alter-ego that only comes out behind closed doors, in which case talking dirty to your man will please YOU as much as it pleases him.

If you learn how to talk dirty in this 3-step process, you are guaranteed to see real changes in your life with long term results.  You can learn how to talk dirty this way as fast or as slow as you’d like, because ultimately, it’s your comfort level that is important when learning how to talk dirty to your man.

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